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PV Urban - Power Tariffs


Western Power Tariffs for Residential Buyback

Under 5 KW for tariff scheme

Different tariff systems are available:

      • Smart Power
      • Flat rate

Smart Power Tariff Scheme

    Four different rates apply as shown in the image above:

        • Peak 18.38 c/kW.h
        • Off peak 5.96 c/kW.h
        • Low Shoulder 8.94 c/kW.h
        • High Shoulder 11.93 c/kW.h

    Tariff changes, for the Smart Power tariff scheme, with:

        • Time of day
        • Day of week
        • Season of year

    Western Power Tariff History

    Net Metering

        • 1/6/1999 Net metering introduced
        • for small grid energy producers
        • 10 % GST on export
        • grid access and transmission charges waived
        • monitors import and export energy only

    Green Power Scheme

        • 1/12/99 Green power scheme introduced
        • 3c premium payable to ensure ‘green’ energy source for electricity
        • The premium is approx. 30% above the retail price for electricity
        • The premium is not passed on to small energy producers
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