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Solar Power Urban - Inverter

Grid Interactive Inverter

  • Fronius Midi
  • 1500 Watts, working range is 1200 to 2000 Watts
  • Efficiency 93% varies with input power, optimized for 1500 W
  • MPP voltage range 185 V to 360 V, configured for 250 V, 6.5 A
  • Data logger (for up to 8 inverters)
  • Modem box, software, extra large display
  • DC isolation box, 450 V, 20/6 A (150/400V)

The inverter must be approved by a competent authority as meeting safety and technical requirements of the Office of Energy and Western Power. In particular it must track grid phase, it must maintain accurate voltage and must shut down if the grid goes down in order to protect linesmen who may be working on the grid.

Inverter meter

Data Collection

  • Output files formatted as sdi:
  • Inverter input and output Voltage and Amps
  • Inverter temperature
  • Date and time
  • Integrated power (energy)
  • Data displays available for year, month, day
  • 15 min averaged data recorded, samples displayed on live screen for 2 sec interval

Inverter screens

Inverter data display screens

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