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Rain Gauge

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge - Models RGD-01 (0.2 to 0.5mm tip), RGD-Q2 (1.0mm tip)

Rainfall falling into the 203 mm diameter collector funnel is directed into one side of a bucket which is calibrated to tip for each 0.2, 0.5, or 1.0mm of rainfall. The bucket as it tilts over and empties causes a magnet to close and open a reed switch.

Immediately after the first tip the second bucket commences filling and causes the bucket assembly to tilts back to its first position again activating the switch. This cycle continues while rain falls.

Each bucket is calibrated to the specified capacity rainfall by adjusting a stop under the opposite bucket. By lowering the stop height below the opposite bucket more rainfall is required to make the bucket tip and vice versa.

A syphon is fitted between the collector and the delivery pipe which ensures a constant delivery rate to the tipping buckets. When a bucket starts to tip water continues to fill the bucket till the bucket divider passes under the delivery pipe. Without the Syphon, the amount of this excess would be greater, the greater the rainfall intensity. Hence the amount per tip would increase with intensity. It is only for rainfalls above 500mm per hour that the syphon will be saturated and with a build up of head of water in the collector that the delivery rate from the syphon delivery pipe will increase.

A leaf catcher 400mm diameter which sockets into the collector funnel immediately above the filter is available as an optional extra.

All materials used in fabrication are resistant to corrosion or are coated with corrosion resistant finishes thus ensuring maintenance free operation in all environments. Fine stainless steel mesh protects openings from ingress of insects etc.

The instrument is fitted with a bulls-eye level which enables it to be accurately leveled at installation. It is important for the instrument to be level to maintain the calibration

Tipping bucket rain gauge

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