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Wind Direction

Wind Direction Sensor

Wind direction sensor

Models WDD-01 AND WDA-01


The Wind Direction Sensor WDA-01 is a single 10 k linear wire wound potentiometer, continuous rotation type with a 6 degree dead band. WDA-01U has a buffer amplifier and the output is ratiometric to the reference supp1y voltage. (With 5 volts supplied, the output is calibrated to 144o per volt). Quiescent current consumption is below 1 rnilliamp and the output is current limited with a protective 1000 ohm resistor.

WDA-01CH is a 2 wire 4/20 mA Wind Direction Sensor with 4 milliamps representing 0o and 20 milliamps representing 360o. Operating voltage is from 8 to 28 volts. The WDD-01 contains additional electronics to give a square wave output with period proportional to azimuth for use with microprocessors. Electronics in the instrument base provides a continuously variable square wave output with a nominal period from 1350ms to 2700ms. (A calibration certificate is supplied with each sensor). The 2700ms period represents 0 degrees with 3350ms as 355 degrees. The Monitor Data Logger Software can provide a 6 minute average wind direction over a range of 0 to 540 degrees, resolving any possible ambiguity when the wind direction varies through zero degrees. Other data loggers may be used by a customer, though high sampling rates may be required to avoid errors due to these ambiguities. Resolution depends on the software but in the case of the Monitor Data Logger software the resolution is 3 degrees, with an accuracy of +/- 5 degrees.

The instrument measures 450mm from tip to tail and has an overall height of 340mm. Its weight is 350gram.

The unit will withstand the effect of most climatic conditions through the use of suitable materials, finishes and components. The wind vane and body are Epoxy Powder Coated Aluminium and the shaft and screws are from stainless steel.

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